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This site is a personal notepad, used for recording useful snippets of knowledge as I come across them.

I had expected to migrate it all across to my Blog (http://vblog.strutt.org.uk) at some point, cleansing the info as I go, but I have the usual kind of commitments on my time (wife, kids, work, a recently purchased house that needs large amounts of DIY), so that's not really going anywhere, and its much easier to perform quick knowledge dumps on a Wiki than it is on a Blog (for me anyway).

If you find an error that needs to be corrected, something incorrectly or unattributed, or have any other comments on the content, there are two options...

  1. Comment directly on the page by way of the Discussion tab, or update the page directly. This will require you to create an account. This requires a valid email address so that you can be validated as a human rather than a spam bot.
  2. Email me at info@[site-domain]. You need to replace the [site-domain] bit

It may take a few days/weeks for me to respond, so please be patient. Commenting/contributing on a page directly ensures your comments are visible instantly, and I'll probably notice that before an email, but you will have to jump through some hoops.

Also, rest assured that I will never pass on your email address to anybody else. Though I'd suggest its good practise to have more than one email address. I have one specifically for one-off interactions with people/sites/organisations, which, once the spam levels get too great, is deleted and I start again with a new one.

Cheers Simon Strutt (talk)

If I could be of assistance to you or your organisation I am available for contract and consulting work.

Please see here for further info