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All content on this Wiki is free for re-use and distribution, however the original author(s) do retain ownership and expect to attributed and commended for their work.

See the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 for further info.

Proper attribution is most easily achieved by linking back to the relevant content on this Wiki. Please display the full link or an appropriate title to ensure the attribution is obvious. For example...

Whilst I do occasionally move content around to improve the site, I also make sure that any incoming links are not broken by such changes.

  • If you want to link to specific content on a large page, go to the Table of Contents at the top of the page and copy the link to the appropriate section. This will make it easier for your site users to find the appropriate content quickly.
  • I monitor referring URL's, and may link back to your pages should they seem useful to users of this site.
  • There's little value in just reproducing works here wholesale as any updates or improvements I make won't be replicated in your copy. However, if you've added your own commentary, or altered procedures or scripts for your own needs for example, then your work/article/post etc has value in its own right.

Much of the content on this site has been assisted by other resources on the web, and where appropriate these are attributed by way of providing a link to that source content. However, it is possible that some content has not been properly attributed or referenced to other sources as the reference has been lost.

If you feel that I've used a portion of your own works, and would like it removed, altered, properly attributed or other, please make contact through the details provided at vWiki:About.