Cisco IOS Commands

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Management Access

  1. SSH to, and login using flastname
  2. Telnet to network device, TACAS login using firstname.lastname

From the AI box use more /etc/hosts to find network devices

Quick Commands

Command Description
show ip int brief Show list of interfaces, label, up/down etc
show int status Show list of interfaces (inc VLAN's etc)
show int gi2/24 Show interface detail for gi 2/24
show int gi1/6 switch Show siwtchport info gi 1/6
clear counters gi2/24 Clear counters for gi 2/24
show mac-address-table | include 70cc Filter MAC table for addresses containing 70cc
show cdp neigbours Show results of CDP discovery (dependant on CDP being enabled!!)
show aaa servers Show AAA (radius authentication) servers
show vlan Show VLAN's on switch (with switchports)
show monitor Show port monitors