VCollector Setup

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  1. Copy vCollector image to ESX
    • pscp vCollector.Image.tar.gz user@uklonesxt1:/home/user
  2. Move the image to the appropriate VMFS partition
    • mv vCollector.Image.tar.gz /vmfs/volumes/DEV-LON-SAN2
  3. Uncompress image on ESX
    • tar -zxvf vCollector.Image.tar.gz
  4. Add machine into inventory
    • If deploying multiple VM's to a cluster, create clones from this base image
  5. Set port groups to Promiscuous Mode
  6. Add networks to VM
  7. Modify cluster DRS config in order to disable Vmotion for VM (only - not entire cluster!)
  8. Verify VM is on correct ESX
  9. Start VM (answer Create to UID question)
  10. During start-up, enter C when prompted to enter Network Comfig screen (or run nlnetcfg --interactive command)

Note that the default user/pass is root / ChangeMe