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Network Card Addition (Physical)

XenServer isn't plug and play, once the new network interface has been physically installed, follow the steps below...

  1. On the XenServer, go into the Local Command Shell
  2. List the detected physical NIC's
    • xe pif-list
  3. Assuming the new NIC wasn't displayed, find the XenServers UUID and then rescan
    • xe host-list
    • xe pif-scan host-uuid=<uuid>
  4. Introduce the additional NIC so that it can be seen from XenCentre, and find the new interface's MAC address
    • ifconfig -a
  5. Introduce the new physical NIC to the XenServer
    • xe pif-introduce host-uuid=<uuid> device=<int> mac=<mac>
  6. Plug the new interface UUID
    • xe pif-plug uuid=<uuid>
  7. Confirm new NIC is now listed and is currently attached
    • xe pif-list