ESX Baseline Dec 08

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Summary of updates

All outstanding major DELL firmware and ESX patches as of December 2008...

  1. DELL Firmware Updates
    • PERC v5.2.2-0072
    • BMC v2.37
    • BIOS v2.5.0
    • NIC FW v4.4.2
    • DRAC v1.4
  2. ESX software v3.5 update 3
  3. ESX software patches included in "RTS ESX baseline (Dec 08)"
    • ESX350-200811401-SG Updates VMkernel, hostd, and Other RPMs
    • ESX350-200811406-SG Security Update to bzip2
    • ESX350-200811402-SG Updates ESX Scripts
    • ESX350-200811405-SG Security Update to libxml2
    • ESX350-200811409-BG Updates Kernel Source and VMNIX
    • ESX350-200811408-BG Updates QLogic Software Driver

Full upgrade procedure

Useful Unix commands, not specifically required, but may be of use - General Unix


Prep for updates

  1. Ensure that ESX already has ESX350-200808202-UG Update to ESX Scripts applied, otherwise UpdateManager will apply every update it can find (rather than just what is in the baseline)
  2. Put ESX into Maintenance Mode
    • If a stand-alone ESX, all VM's will need to be shutdown
    • If a cluster ESX, all VM's should be VMotion'ed to alternative ESX's

Apply DELL firmware updates

  1. Putty onto ESX, login as simons
  2. Sudo as root
    • su -
  3. Move into home directory
    • cd /home/simons
  4. Make updates executable
    • chmod +x *.BIN
  5. Apply updates using following commands in order indicated. Do not boot until completion of last update.
    • 1950 Only
      1. ./RAID_FRMW_LX_R189337.BIN
      2. ./BMC_FRMW_LX_R202156.BIN
      3. ./NETW_FRMW_LX_R197246.BIN
      4. ./PE1950_BIOS_LX_2.5.0.BIN
      5. ./RAC_FRMW_LX_R197962.BIN
    • 2950 Only
      1. ./RAID_FRMW_LX_R189337.BIN
      2. ./BMC_FRMW_LX_R202152.BIN
      3. ./NETW_FRMW_LX_R197246.BIN
      4. ./PE2950_BIOS_LX_2.5.0.BIN
      5. ./RAC_FRMW_LX_R197962.BIN

Apply ESX patches

  1. Run up Virtual Infrastructure client and ensure you've the right version installed...
    • Help | About... Client should be v2.5.0 build 84767
      • If not, browse to uklonvcp1 and install new version
  2. Ensure you've got the Update Manager plug-in installed and enabled
    • Plugins | Manage Plugins.., Available tab: Update Manager should be installed
    • Installed tab, Update Manager should be enabled
  3. Highlight the ESX, righ-click and select Scan for updates
  4. Once the scan has completed go to the Update Manager tab
  5. Right-click over the "RTS ESX baseline (8 Dec 08)" baseline and select Remediate
    • VC will scan the ESX's, then push out all applicable update, then reboot the ESX

Tidy Up

  1. Show disk usage (note for later comparison)
    • df -h
  2. Delete files...
    • rm -f *.BIN
  3. Show disk usage (should have reduced from earlier check)
    • df -h

Final checks

  1. Ensure all applicable software is started on VM's
  2. Ensure no alarms on Netcool for affected VM's or ESX's