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Getting Started

The main site for downloads, documentation etc, can be found at

Python2 or Python3

The language is going through a metamorphosis from v2 to v3 and you'll have to choose which to go for. Essentially if you're starting from scratch then go for v3, but if you need to integrate with existing Python code or are a complete scripting/coding novice (and so need to be able to use the wealth of examples etc on the web) go for v2. See for further info.

This page is for Python3


  1. Install latest Python version available (3.1 at time of writing this)
    • apt-get install python3.1
  2. Install required add on packages
    • EG apt-get install python-mysqldb


Variable Information

Get a variables available methods...


Variable Conversion

int(var)                # Convert to integer
str(var)                # Convert to string