Troubleshooting (Zimbra)

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Account Export Incomplete

When trying to export an entire (or partial) account's data (either via the web or Zimbra clients, or through a /zmmailbox -z -m "" getRestURL -o user.tgz "//?fmt=tgz"), the export can occasionally be incomplete, this can be due to two reasons (maybe more)...

  • Large account / export time-out
  • Invalid tags
    • This is essentially down to some database corruption.
    • To confirm that its the issue, tail your /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log file when creating an export and look out for the following errors (tag 68 is the problem tag ID in this example)
      • Code:mail.NO_SUCH_TAG Arg:(itemId, IID, "68")
      • data error: tag error: com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.MailServiceException$NoSuchItemException: no such tag: 68
    • To resolve...
      1. Confirm that the account doesn't have the tag
        • zmmailbox -z -m "" gat
      2. Get the user to create enough dummy tags to reach the problem ID number
      3. Reattempt the export - it may fail again, but on a higher tag ID (repeat the above until it succeeds)
      4. Delete the dummy tags, and retest

The above is based on info gleamed from

LDAP Config Item Check/Modify

  • To check config
    • EG zmprov gcf zimbraMailPurgeSleepInterval
  • To find/search for any config items that refer to a particular term (eg Virus)
    • EG zmprov gacf | grep Virus
  • To modify config
    • EG zmprov mcf zimbraMailPurgeSleepInterval 1m

Message Filters

  • To verify email account filters setup
    • EG zmmailbox -z -m simon gfrl

Clam AV Out of Date

To manually update

  • /opt/zimbra/clamav/bin/freshclam --config-file=/opt/zimbra/conf/clamd.conf