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The Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) is an email/groupware application that comes in both FOSS and paid for (Network Edition (NE)) offerings.

The FOSS version lacks some of the premium features (as you'd expect), such as mobile device sync (though IMAP is available), online backup, Outlook Connector, vendor support and so on. However it also has a big user community meaning that there are 3rd party implementations available for some of these features, and plenty of community support available (though you will probably have to do a bit more leg-work).

Zimbra was purchased by VMware in 2011, and it was and remains to be, quite common to install in a virtual machine. There is also an Zimbra Collaboration Appliance (ZCA) version, but to honest, that project seems to be lost in the wilderness, v7 has been in general release FOSS/NE since July 2011, whereas the appliance has been in Beta for years, and nobody at Zimbra/VMware will say what's going on. For the time being its best avoided, and references to it seem to have been disappearing from their website.

All the documentation on this site relates to the free versions (FOSS and ZCA[1])
This doesn't mean it can't be used if you're running NE, but that some of it will be inappropriate, and there may be far simpler ways of implementing things.

  1. ZCA is (was!?) available with a free 10 user license that provided all the basic features to be found in the FOSS version, plus ActiveSync