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I'm an IT Infrastructure, Virtualisation and Scripting Specialist with over 10 years experience in the business. Much of that spent supporting, building, and designing systems handling realtime European and Global market data and trading infrastructure (stocks and shares etc), in what was originally a medium size London-based financial services company; and what became to be, and still is, a world leader in global information.

Having started out in IT supporting everything (power, air-con, desktop, server, serial and Ethernet networks, storage, and so on); and having been required to squeeze every last drop of performance out of every pound (or dollar) spent; I seem to have naturally progressed into the wonderful world of virtualisation.

Following one merger too many, I left the safety of permanent employment and entered a brave new world, that of contracting myself out as an engineer for hire, with no one to blame but myself.

This wiki is intended as notepad to jot down all the useful things that I've discovered as I've stumbled through the technical world. Which at some point may be replaced by my vBlog if I ever get the time to move the content across. Whilst my primary focus is VMware virtualisation, I enjoy any challenge that involves me designing or creating, and relish the opportunity to delve in something new and previously unknown.

If you have such a challenge or opportunity and want to get in touch, or would like to know more, please see my LinkedIn profile...